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Crydom Inc.,

Crydom Inc.,

  --  1/26/2010
Because of our dedication to quality, most Crydom products are approved by UL, CSA, VDE and TUV; and carry the CE mark signifying conformance with European directives. Some of our relays carry UL 508A SCCR ratings, proof of exceptional levels of performance and safety.

Crydom is the world leading manufacturer of Solid State Relays. We manufacture and sell two of the most renowned brands of solid state relays, Crydom and Crouzet. Our product offer includes thousands of catalog off-the-shelf items, as well as custom-designed solid state relays and related products.

At Crydom virtually everything is accomplished in-house to assure complete control over production, delivery and above all quality. With design, development, manufacturing and management personnel under one roof, we’re geared for fast response to your requirements.

Because of our dedication to quality, most Crydom products are approved by UL, CSA, VDE and TUV; and carry the CE mark signifying conformance with European directives. Some of our relays carry UL 508A SCCR ratings, proof of exceptional levels of performance and safety. Also, our products comply with the latest legal environmental directives, like RoHS and China RoHS which always provide a competitive advantage to our customers. Our ongoing R&D programs have allowed us for years to be leaders in our industry. We are well known for constantly innovating new circuit and technology-related inventions to satisfy the switching needs of the most demanding applications.

Crydom is an operation of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), a business unit of Schneider Electric. Our more than 30 years of experience providing top notch switching solutions and support make Crydom the indisputable global expert in solid state relay technology and preferred choice of companies all over the world.

Product Types

Control Relays
Digital I/O Module Mounting Boards
Digital I/O Modules
Din Rail Mount
Hybrid Contactors
Legacy Products
Obsolete Products
Panel Mount
PCB Mount
PCB Mount 16 Pin DIP
PCB Mount Mini-Sip
Power Modules
SSR Accessories
SSR Heat Sink Assemblies

New Product :

New 3Phase & AC Motor Reversing SSRs

Crydom introduces 36 new 3 Phase SSR models that are being added to its 53 Series of panel mounted three phase AC output Solid State Contactor Relays. The expanded 53 series offer now includes models featuring IP20 touch safe covers with load current ratings of either 25 or 50 amps per channel at 530 VAC.

Four new 3 phase motor reversing models also rated at 25 and 50 amps are also available. The reversing models include the same IP20 touch safe design, Class A emissions and level 3 noise immunity as the new 3 phase SSR contactor models.

Ratings up to 50 amps per channel at 530 VAC
EMC Compliant for reliable operation in harsh environments
100k-cycle UL508 endurance rating for enhanced reliability
No external transient protection required (internal TVS)
LED input status indicator(s)
Back-to-back SCR output for heavy industrial loads
Zero-crossing (resistive loads) or random-fire (inductive loads) outputs
UL, CSA, TUV Approved, CE and RoHS Compliant
Learn more about the New 3Phase and Motor Reversing models of the 53 Series




DRA & DRS Series




DRA Series

features 10mm wide single channel and 54mm wide four channel DIN rail mounted SSR assemblies. The

DRA Series

offers a wide variety of ratings which are ideal for low to medium power control for heating, lighting or motion control applications.

DRS Series

single channel and four channel sockets are also offered accepting Industry Standard SIP type SSRs such as the Crydom CX and CMX series. Each DRS Series socket comes from the factory in kit form which allows the user to select and install the best SSR and input configuration for any particular application.


DIN Rail Assemblies
Ready-to-use SSR assemblies for either AC or DC output
3 to 15 or 15 to 32 VDC input versions include LED indicator
3 to 32 VDC, 18 to 36 and 90 to 140 AC input control versions do not include LED indicator
AC output ratings up to 300 VAC @ 8 Amps (UL) and 380 VAC 8 amps (IEC)
DC output ratings up to 200 VDC and 8 Amps

DIN Rail Sockets
10 mm Single channel and 54 mm Four channel DIN Rail mount sockets available
Input status LED for either 3 to 15 or 15 to 32 VDC control applications
Cage style screw terminals for easy and reliable wire connection
Socket clip fits all standard 35 mm DIN rail profiles
Learn more about the DRA Series AC Output and DC Output assemblies
DRS Series sockets




UPD Series



The UPD Series feature Panel or PCB mounted Single Channel, Dual or 3 Phase SSRs rated at either 15 or 25 amps per channel, 280 VAC. The UPD Series SSRs are available in Single-in-Line package configuration and now also in a new unique compact Low Profile mount package with .25” (64 mm) male quick connects.


The UPD’s unique design with metal base plate allows for attachment to an external heat sink to achieve full output ratings in a 40 degree C ambient temperature for either the PCB mounted SIP versions or the low profile panel mounted versions.


Single channel, dual and three phase ratings of 15A and 25A @ 280VAC - DC control
PCB Mount Package or Panel Mount quick connect terminals (F option)
SCR output for heavy industrial loads
Zero-crossing (resistive loads) or random-fire (inductive loads) output
UL Approved
CE & RoHS Compliant
Learn more about the UPD Series either single channel, dual or three phase SSRs




CKM Series


The new CKM Series includes 3 FET output DIN rail mounted DC Power SSRs. These new 22.5 mm wide models expand Crydom’s broad line of DIN rail mounted SSRs with ratings of 10, 20 or 30 amps at 60 VDC making them ideal for heating, lighting and motion control applications.Mounting on industry standard 35 mm DIN rail, the Crydom CKM Series SSRs with integral heat sinks offer 2500 VAC optical coupling and logic compatible current regulated 4 to 32 VDC inputs with LED status indicator in a 22.5 mm wide "ready to use" assembly.

DIN Rail mounted SSR
Ratings from 10A to 30A @ 60 VDC
Slim 22.5 (width) package
Extremely Low offstate leakage
LED input status indicator
DC control
CE & RoHS Compliant
Learn more about the CKM Series




New High Power CMX100


Crydom’s CMX Series of FET output printed circuit board mounted DC Solid State Relays now includes the CMX100D10 rated to 10 amps at 100 VDC and 40°C ambient temperature. This high power PCB mounted DC output SSR complements the CMX series that features outputs with low on-state resistance FETs for efficient DC load control, 2500 VAC optical isolation, logic compatible DC control input and industry standard PCB mounting footprint in an epoxy package designed for full output rated operation at 40°C ambient temperature.

Rating to 10A @ 100 VDC
DC Control
Low on-state impedance
CE & RoHS Compliant
UL & cUL Recognized
Learn more about the CMX Series




HS Series


Crydom’s HS Series of heat sinks offers optimized thermal performance, size and cost for a variety of single, dual and three phase Solid State Relay applications. Designed to accept industry standard SSRs, the HS series includes heat sinks with ratings from 5 °C per watt to 0.5 °C per watt which are suitable for combined loads from 10 amps to 100 amps.

Models accepting one, two or three SSRs.
Panel mounted or DIN rail mounted when combined with optional DIN rail
mounting bracket kits.
A variety of accessories including thermal interface pads, clear touch safe
SSR covers, SSR mounting hardware and heat sink mounting hardware including DIN rail brackets.
The new HS Series also includes a variety of Crydom’s world class standard off-the-shelf single, dual and three phase Solid State Relays mounted on the new Crydom Heat Sinks. Our expertise in both SSR design and thermal management enables us to offer optimized pre-assembled solutions for SSR applications from 5 to 80+ amps.

Ready-to-use assemblies.
DIN rail mounted or panel mounted.
Available with one pre-installed single channel, dual or three phase SSR.
UL, CSA, VDE, CE approved SSRs.
To learn more about the HS Series visit the HS Series website!!




Evolution Duals


Evolving from Crydom’s successful "D" and "H12" series of Dual SSRs, Evolution Duals offer an improved mechanical and thermal design providing higher capacity outputs and significantly increased power density.The new two channel relays are available with an innovative optional clear IP20 touch safe cover allowing a clear view of the power lead terminations while providing touch safe operation. Four different input termination options (pin, locking connector, detachable barriers w/screws, and direct wire) are available with three different input voltage ratings including a wide range 4 to 32 VDC current regulated version.

25A & 50A Output rating per channel @ 40ºC
120/240 & 480VAC Operating voltage rating
4-15, 15-32 & 4-32VDC Control input options
Four input termination options available
Top-bottom or left-right output screw connections available
Zero voltage or random turn-on available
SCR output for heavy industrial loads
Industry standard panel mount package
IP20 Touch safe cover available
Input status LED indicators for each channel
CE & RoHS compliant, UL & cUL recognized
Learn more about Evolution Duals
Download the
Dual Solid State Relays Brochure




New High Power DC Output SSRs


Crydom is introducing 4 new high power DC output relays which have extended the existing D1D and D2Dseries of FET output DC Solid State Relays. The new high current SSRs are ideal for heating and lighting control as well as motor control in commercial, industrial, medical, aerospace, rail and automotive applications.The new Crydom SSRs include:


D1D60 – 60 Amps @ 100 VDC
D1D80 – 80 Amps @ 100 VDC
D1D100 – 100 Amps @ 100 VDC
D2D40 – 40 Amps @ 200 VDC
Learn more about the D1D Series
Learn more about the
D2D Series



RHP Series

Crydom has combined solid state and mechanical switching technologies to create its new line of Hybrid Solid State Contactors. RHP series contactors combine the advantages of both technologies without their limitations resulting in a fast switching highly reliable contactor that does not require the use of a heat sink.

The new RHP line includes 3 phase contactor configurations rated at 120, 240, 280 or 600 VAC at 40 or 50 amp load ratings per phase. Crydom’s 3 phase Hybrid Contactors come in an industry standard package, mounting identical to DP (Definite purpose) contactors for easy replacement in existing applications. Control voltages of 24, 120 or 220 VAC, and unique logic compatible 5, 12 or 24 VDC input control options are offered.

Lifetime >2 million operations @ full load
No heat sink required
Input status LED indicator
Wire, lug or quick connect termination
DP contactor footprint
Industry Standard Package and Circuits




Power Modules


Crydom has expanded its offer of power relays to include power SCR and diode modules. Crydom now has a full line of Power Switching Modules designed to save you money, reduce time to market and meet the most demanding environmental and performance requirements your application requires.Crydom offers Power Modules that can handle up to 170 Amps and cover a broad spectrum of commonly used Thyristors, Diodes, as well as Bridge Rectifier Circuits with numerous packaging sizes to accommodate your application.

Industry Standard Package and Circuits
Nine circuits that can be used singly or as Power Control Building Blocks
All models feature highly efficient thermal management for greatly extended
cycle life
UL recognized
Optimum product performance and reliability



Headquarter Office: 153 Nguyen Van Thu, Đakao Ward, Dist.1, HCMC.

Transaction Office: 33 Hoa Hong, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC.

Tel : (084.8) 3 517 4923 I Fax: (084.8) 3 517 4924

Email:  contact@gnnvietnam.com

Website:  www.gnnvietnam.com  l   www.gnn.com.sg



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