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SterilAir - UVC Disinfection

SterilAir - UVC Disinfection
Code Product : Air, Surface, Water Disinfaction
Category : Ultrasonic sensors
Producer : Sterilair
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Provider : GNN
UVC Disinfection Air, Surface, Water Disinfaction | SterilAir Vietnam
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UVC Disinfection

Manufacturer: SterilAir

Origin: Switzerland

This is the product researched after 39 years of Andes (Japan). With this product, people can be protected by pollution environment such as microorganism (Bacterium, virus, fungus…), dust and organic smell, simultaneously create purity environment. This mechanism bases on the connection between ultraviolet system and TiO2 ray. With this structure, this product can meet requirement of Andes goal and UVC Disinfection appears.


Editor: GNN Vietnam

JR Version: 1.0

Replacing: -

UVC Disinfection



Air Disinfection

Indoor Air


Recirculation Units (active)

Direct Emitters (passive)



Wall Units

Ceiling Units

Wall Units

Ceiling Units




UVR2250-2 UVR2250-4

WR with grille WB with reflector SWR over door

D direct DB with prot. cover DW (Low Budget)

EFM/EFD2000 Flange Systems

ES2000 Air Flow Modules


Surface Disinfection

Conveyor Belts




Over Belt

Below Belt






T2004 overhead, modular



T 2004, modular



T2004, modular


(T2005 indirect, fix)


(T2005 indirect, fix)

(T2005 indirect, fix)



Water Disinfection

Air Conditioning

Reservoirs, Cisternes


Air Washers Cooling Towers



AQT2000 Immersion Units

EFM2000 / EFD2000 Flange Systems



Type of system




EF2000 series

-EFM2018 -for 20 W 2K tube

-EFM2036 -for 30 or 36 W 2K tube

-EFD2018 – for 2 x 20 W 2K tubes

-EFD2036 – for 2 x 30 or 36 W 2K tubes

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- Surface/coil treatment in Air Handling Units -Air stream disinfection -Water/liquid treatment in tanks

AQT 2000 series

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- Water / surface treatment in humidifiers, air washers, cooling towers and water filtration systems

-AQT 2018 -for 18 W 2K tube

-AQT 2036 -for 36 W 2K tube

AQD series

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- UVC flow through reactor for water treatment

-AQD 54 -for 36 W 2K tube

-AQD 54C -for 18 W 2K tube

-AQD 64 -for 36 W 2K tube

-AQD 64C -for 18 W 2K tube

T 2002-IP series

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- Compact unit designed for conveyor belt treatment in food / meat processing industry to reduce the germ level on the belt service during production

-T2002-30IP -for 2 x 30 W 2H tubes

-T2002-36IP -for 2 x 36 W 2H tubes

UVR 2250-4

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- Active UVC air treatment desinfection system for storage,

maturation, production rooms in food/meat industry

processing 400 m³ of air per hour

-UVR2250-4 -for 4 x 36 W 2K tubes



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K = for air stream, water and cold applications

H = for hot conditions

2036 means type 20 with 36 W power el.

-UVC2020-2K (400 mm)

-UVC2030-2K (585 mm)

-UVC2030-2H (585 mm)

-UVC2036-2K (842 mm)

-UVC2036-2H (842 mm)




Email : contact@gnnvietnam.com

Website : www.gnnvietnam.com or www.gnn.com.sg

Fields of application :
Automation industrial
Construction, Building
Electric, Industrial Electric
Elevator, Lift, Crane, Port
Food & Beverage
Food process
Gas & Oil
Power Generation
Textile, dying
Water treatment
Special Products :


  • Cooling registers
  • Cooling tower
  • Air washer
  • Air duct

Medicine and Laboratory

  • Airlocks
  • Aseptic room
  • Treatment room
  • Laboratory


  • Ageing, ripening and storage
  • Meat-cutting belts
  • Hard-cheese disinfection
  • Zone disinfection



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