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TURCK Vietnam | Sensor - Fieldbus - Controllers


TURCK is a leading manufacturer in the field of industrial automation.


With more than 3,350 employees working in 27 subsidiaries and representatives in further 60 states, the family owned enterprise achieves a turnover of roundabout 450 million euros in 2013. With an enormously versatile range of more than 15,000 sensor, fieldbus, interface, connectivity and RFID products, TURCK offers highly efficient solutions for factory and process automation. The company has continued to set new standards with superior products such as the RFID solution BL ident, revolutionary uprox®+ sensors without reduction factor or ultra-compact and modular fieldbus and remote I/O systems, also for use in explosion hazardous areas.

TURCK has set standards very early in the fields of globalisation and production technology. Driven by the idea to offer problem solutions and service at any time, the international orientation started already in 1975 with the foundation of TURCK Inc. in Minneapolis, USA. With production sites in Germany, Switzerland, USA, Mexico and China, today TURCK succeeded in adapting to the conditions of local markets. Despite international orientation, also in future the company’s core competence and the main production sites, equipped with the latest machinery, will remain in Germany.

TURCK’s philosophy is simple yet challenging: We want to offer our customers simply the best – promptly, reliably and flexibly!

Our Strategic Partnership with BANNER ENGINEERING CORP.

Banner offers you the most complete and integrated line of sensing and machine safety products. Whatever industry you're in, or whatever product you manufacture, Banner has the right sensors to automate your plants, and to improve your overall efficiency, quality and safety.


  • Sensors
    • Inductive
    • Capacitive
    • Magnetic
    • Ultrasonic
    • Photoelectric
    • Vision
    • Pick-to-Light
    • Radar
    • Linear Position
    • Rotary Position
    • Angle
    • Inclination
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Flow / flow rate
    • Accessories
  • Indentification
    • HF – RFID
    • UHF – RFID
    • Interfaces (HF and UHF)
    • Accessories
  • Connectivity
    • Cables
    • Junctions
    • Field-Wireable Connectors
    • Bulk Cable
    • Inductive Coupling
    • Accessories
  • Fieldbus Technology
    • System I/O
    • Block I/O
    • PA Bus Components
    • Accessories
  • Interface Technology
    • Safety barriers
    • Signal Conditioners
    • Surge Protection
    • Wireless
    • Accessories
  • Machine safety
    • Sensors and Evaluation Units
  • Industrial Controls
    • HMIs
    • Programmable Gateways
    • Accessories
  • Power Supplies
    • In-cabinet (IP20)
    • Power Supplies for the field (IP67)
  • LED Technology
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